I-GEN BIOMICS look forward in ameliorating health with you.

We serve with an extensive product portfolio to life science researchers, hospitals, commercial laboratories, and public health agencies to assist with the research, diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases.

We are customer focused and provide exceptional technical support and customer service. Our product portfolio continues commitment to quality, guided by the high standards and ISO regulations. We intend to provide products which are the best in all respects. Through the provision of these products, our vision is to AMELIORATE GLOBAL HEALTH and improve the outcomes for patients.

Our Products include a range that should meet the needs of Hospitals, Laboratories, any researcher in the biotechnology industry. From assay conception to launch, our Scientific and Operational Teams provide our Customers with cohesive, inventive and cost effective solutions.

We supply all kinds of medical essentials and accessories chosen from best companies of the world. Our products include various types of hospital consumables, medical equipment’s, Pharmaceutical Reagents and diagnostic kits. Our aim is to have a great impact in the world of health as a whole.

The main objective of I-Gen Biomics Pvt. Ltd. is to make quality health care an affordable and accessible reality.

Located in major cities of India, our facilities bear the capacity to cater and support our customers, meeting their requirements with fast and timely deliveries.



I-GEN is passionately committed to improving the lives of all human beings by providing our respected customers with cutting edge life science technologies from around the world that allows them to intensely serve their patient needs. Our five – year goal is to have a positive impact in the lives of millions of people and make a significant and lasting impact on the health care industry.

I-Gen strives to build long-term, consistent and mutually beneficial partnerships with its customers/ researchers, and aim to generate value through honest efforts.

Innovation & Improvement
We live in a very dynamic environment where technology changes with the blink of the eye. Therefore, in order to cope up with these changes I-Gen promises its customers and contractors to innovate and improve its products on a continuous basis.

Mutual Respect and Open Dialogue
At I-Gen we treat everyone fairly and with respect. We pursue an open and trusting dialogue within our company, with our business partners and relevant groups in society.

I-Gen acts in accordance with its words and Values. We comply with the laws and respect the good business practices of the countries in which we operate.

Safety, Health and Environmental Responsibility
I-Gen believes in acting in a responsible manner and supports the initiatives. At I-Gen economic considerations do not take priority over safety, health and environmental issues.

Profile of Board Members


“Some of the most passionate and perspicacious minds lead the efforts at I-Gen”

Members of the Team I-Gen play an integral role from product sourcing to product delivery. Strong leadership, continuous education and an unmatched dedication translate into timely deliveries of high quality products.

I-Gen boasts of widely experienced mentors who have been a part of renowned research institutes, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies. They bring with them an established global network of world’s leading bio-tech firms, research and development centers and trusted professionals.

Under their able tutelage/guidance, I-Gen strives to achieve its target of serving its clients and touching the lives of people all around the world.

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