Based on detailed and extensive market research, I-Gen ensures to provide efficient and quality products which not only meet, but exceed, market needs and performance expectations for its customers.

The achievement of high quality and consistency calls for a systematic and disciplined approach in all activities associated with products fulfilling customer’s specifications. All I-Gen products pass through a regulatory procedure so as to check their quality and safety. No product which is hazardous to life and safety will be marketed.I-Gen is committed to the continuing effectiveness and ongoing improvement of the quality management system.

I-Gen is representing world renowned Companies and sourcing value for money, technically strong products for its various divisions.


Diagnostics Division

Diagnostics Kits for Haemostasis and Coagulation disorders,Infectious Disease, Hematology reagents, Rapid Test, Confirmatory test, Thrombin Generation Test, Flow Reagents, Specific Proteins, Blood banking reagents, Hepatitis Marker like HBV, HCV, HDV, HEV, PCR reagents, Biochemistry, Chromatography kits, PCR & Real Time PCR Kits, RNA & DNA Purification, RNA & DNA Extractions, DNA gel purification, Viral Diagnostics, Fungal Diagnostics etc.


Life Science Division

Chemicals, Bio - Chemicals, FISH Probes, Radio Chemicals, Reagents, Cell Bio, Electrophoresis grade, Neuro chemicals, Molecular Biology grade, DNA Extraction kits, PCR Kits, Restriction Enzymes, DNA Ladders & modifying enzymes, Proteomics, Cell Culture reagents& Media, Plant Tissue Culture Grade Biochemical, Antibodies etc.


Instrumentation Division

Fully Automated and Semi Automated Coagulation Analyzers, ELISA system, DNA Extraction Systems, Micro Arrays, Cell Counter, Electrolyte Analyser, Calibrated Automated Thrombogram, Luminometer and other laboratory Equipments.


Consumable Division

Hospital & Laboratory Consumable Gloves, Vacutainer, Needles, Sutures, Catheters, Collection Bags, Disposable Hospital Clothing, Disinfectants etc.

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